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Watching position on map

Once the contacts were created, return with "Back" to the welcome screen of the application and choose the button " Watching position on map" to show the SMS recordings already in the telephone and the new records which will arrive in real time.
At this stage, you have to well understand that all the positions of boats which arrive in the form of classic SMS are stored in the database SMS of the telephone as classic SMS. The function " Watching the position on the map" is going to read, to decode and to show all these positions and to create a graphic track on the map. If you stay in this way of functioning, any new positions that will arrive will be displayed by updating the map. The view will center itself on the last point received and will display the icon of the boat in this place.

The notion of akin track of a contact is automatically created by associating all the GPS positions received from the same contact on the same day. This point is important to keep in head to understand the display on the map.
If any received SMS of position is not available in the telephone, the map will show by default Africa, otherwise the map will center automatically on last position from the most recent successful candidate in the telephone.

Once the map was shown, you can access to the information on every GPS points drawn in the screen and on the last point in clicking above. If you click on the last point (icon of contact) you will have in more the pen name of the boat.
From this map, you can filter 2 additional levels besides filters on the contacts.
It is about a filtering by group or by recording date (over 24 h max I remind to you).
Filter it by selecting the adequate menu

The menu "Filtering by group" shows the list of the possible groups obtained from the contacts.
The disabled group checkbox allows not to show all the recordings of contacts belonging to the disabled group.

The menu "Filtering by date" show the list of all the recordings classified by date and allows you to disabled or not a track on the map which represents the recording in the concerned date.

The menu " SMS received deletion " is going to show also the list of the recordings by date contented at this time in the SMS database of the telephone. You can choose by marking those whom you want to delete completely of the telephone.
This operation is to do after having save the filtered positions and allows to free some space in the telephone and increase the reactivity during the initial display of the map, because in every case, all the SMS of the telephone is analysed again during the launch of this module of the software.
The menu "Save filtered posistions" is going to copy in a local file all the GPS positions shown at the moment in the screen (thus filtered), for a later exploitation in the other module of the software (perusal).

To view again these protected files, it will be necessary to you to return to the welcome screen of the application by clicking several times the button "Back" of the telephone.